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Will Dale Press is pleased to announce that it is now offering complete custom embroidery services. Embroidered garments (and other items such as tote bags) are a fabulous way to get your message out, reward faithful supporters, or both. There’s no order that’s too large or too small.

There are two key elements in the process: And as always, each will have its own set of  options.

The Art:  This can be a preexisting design that you already possess; or one that our graphic designer develops for you. In either case, that artwork has to be converted  into machine code which our embroidery machinery will read and then sew into your items. Alternatively, we have access to a vast library of designs that have already been digitized. These are available as a cost saving measure which you’re certainly invited to utilize. Click here to review that library.

The Items:  We offer embroidery services on just about any article of clothing you can imagine: from socks to hats - and everything in between. We can also embroider tote bags, work aprons, bookpacks, knapsacks, and much much more. In most cases, we source the items to be embroidered; and we do so to ensure that quality levels are maintained. Click here to review our garment lines.

Things to Consider:

  • A stitch-out of your design is provided for your approval and is used as the final proof before we stitch any products.
  • Product pricing is based on the cost of the garment, the complexity of the design and the quantity to be delivered.
  • We ship by UPS and USPS, deliver in person or the finished products can be picked up at our shop in Bowdoin.
  • Sales tax is added to the final total unless a Maine Retail Certificate or Maine Permanent Exemption Certificate is provided before billing. Actual cost of shipping will be added to the total. A 50 % deposit is required to begin work and the balance is due at pick-up or before shipping. Payment can be made by check, cash, or VISA or Mastercard.


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